Body Peeling z soli morskiej Ella Bache

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Body Peeling z soli morskiej Ella Bache
Price 100 PLN

Treatment description

Body Peeling from sea salt Ella Bache is a peeling treatment that gives immediate results of smooth skin. It makes the skin of a whole body smoother, firmer and more elastic. The treatment is recommended especially for those whose skin requires regeneration and revitalization. Thanks to deep peeling, dead epidermis cells are removed. Used for this purpose sea salt Ella Bache makes your skin look rejuvenated and refreshed, its complexion is improved. Thanks to removal of dead epidermis cells, micro-circulation is also improved, which causes additional detoxication of the body. Moreover, sea salt used during the procedure enriches your skin with precious micro-elements. Body Peeling from sea salt Ella Bache gives immediate effect of skin smoothening and exfoliation of dead epidermis. Moreover, the treatment perfectly mineralizes your skin. It is recommended almost to everyone. The only contraindications for the treatment are skin allergies, pregnancy or breast-feeding period.

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