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Zabiegi pielęgnacyjne dłoni i stóp
Price 75 PLN

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Manicure is a beauty treatment for nails and the skin around it. Its basis is to shorten and tighten nail plate, precise closure of nail cuticle and removal of excess skin round the nail. Beautiful hands, and most importantly nails are very important element of appearance and personal advertisement. Manicure makes you feel that your hands are healthy and taken care of, and your nails except aesthetic advantage will also become perfectly nourished, former and revitalized. Moreover, well performed manicure makes the epidermis round your nail healthier, does not crack and doesn’t cause pain. At the beginning of the procedure, your nails are shaped according to their natural structure. After application of softening preparation on the skin, it is removed from nail plate and hands are immersed in water bath. Next, after application of a special disinfectant, skin is degreased and dried, in order to proceed. In the end, your nails are covered with primer, which protects your nail plate and prevents any discoloring, makes them more adhesive to the main nail polish. The contraindications for the use of this procedure are: nail diseases, fungal and other infections. Manicure can be applied systematically. It significantly improves the look of your hands and nails. It can be performed even once a week.

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