Afrodyta SPA & Wellness Resort

Our team

A team of professionals full of passion watches over you

Afrodyta SPA is not only the highest standards of relaxation, exceptional treatments and excellent cuisine. First of all, it is a dynamic team of professionals who do what they love with passion and commitment.

We care for each guest with proper care and kindness. Every day, we care about your satisfaction and comfort, making every effort to ensure that every moment spent in SPA Afrodyta was unique and unforgettable.

"These people create places where we want to come back."

“Afrodyta SPA is not only a perfect harmony between comfortable, elegant interiors and a picturesque location near forests and lakes. As a well-coordinated team of enthusiasts, we've created an oasis of relaxation for body, spirit and senses. Our success is confirmed by a large group of returning guests. Krystyna Zmitrowicz - Manager of Afrodyta SPA & Wellness Resort”

Krystyna Zmitrowicz

Director of Afrodyta SPA & Wellness Resort

Piotr Jadwizak

Manager of Afrodyta SPA & Wellness Resort

Aneta Sołtys

Afrodyta SPA & Wellness Resort Marketing Department, hotel reception manager

Agata Dziarska

Manager of the SPA reception of Afrodyta SPA & Wellness Resort

Tomasz Tomiuk

Chef of Afrodyta SPA & Wellness Resort

Arleta Majorek

Deputy Chef of Afrodyta SPA & Wellness Resort

Regina Blecka


Krzysztof Trzeciak

Chef's help

Aleksandra Mandziuk

Pension reception

Małgorzata Chomicz

SPA reception

Danuta Oleksyn

Pension reception

Anna Kruzińska

SPA reception

Sylwia Sielatycka

Afrodyta SPA & Wellness Resort expert

Grażyna Kluba


Julia Yuzwischena

Specialist masseur

Sergiusz Rudenko


NI Ketut Suwatrini

Specialist masseur

Ni Made Dwi Budiastri

Specialist masseur

Widiasih Nyoman

Specialist masseur

Smitha Sivan Erumboothiyil

Specialist masseur

Francis Joseph Albeus

Specialist masseur


Hair Stylist

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