Ayurveda Shirodhara Massage

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Zabiegi pielegnacyjne na ciało
Ayurveda Shirodhara Massage
Price 300 PLN

Treatment description

Ayurveda SHIRODHARA Massage is an oil massage of the forehead („third eye”, known also as “eye of wisdom”). It influences especially the work of endocrine glands, thanks to which it improves memory and concentration, enhances awareness and self-perception. This treatment, thanks to its universal properties, is recommended for all who would like to stimulate the activity of their brain. Ayurweda SHIRODHARA Massage consists of gentle massage of the head. When you skin is properly nourished and prepared for absorption of substances, a strong stream of mixture of herbal oils is poured on your head. This treatment is extremely effective and helps to maintain the equilibrium between Kapha, Pitta and dosha Vata. What is even more, it effects the nervous system and helps to relax and maintain inner harmony. The treatment is designated especially in cases of insomnia, stress, restlessness and depression treatments.

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