Masaż Klasyczny 30 min.

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Zabiegi pielegnacyjne na ciało
Masaż Klasyczny 30 min.
Price 85 PLN

Treatment description

One of the most popular techniques of working with the body, which allows to relax tense muscles, brings back the elasticity of skin, kills pain in the massage area. 10 virtues of the massage: 1. Reduces different kinds of pain: spine, head, menstrual 2. Has very good influence on skeletal system: makes joints more flexible, maintains appropriate mobility of joints, ensures faster regeneration after physical exertion, better nourishment and oxygenation of joints, prevents injuries. Nourishes and oxygenates the muscles, increases their elasticity. 3. Accelerates blood and lymph circulation, stimulates inactive capillaries, has antithrombotic effect, help with digestion of faulty products of metabolism, ensures better nourishment and oxygenation of tissues. 4. Makes the skin more flexible and elastic, removes dead epidermis layer, improves circulation and nourishment of skin, opens the outlet of sweat and sebaceous glands, crashes the fat tissue. Moreover, moxa heals some of skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema. 5. Accelerates of blood circulation in blood vessels and increases the amount of blood delivered to lungs. Under influence of a massage, the functioning of respiratory route improves. 6. Regulates the work of immune system: moxa increases natural defense of the body. 7. Regulates the work of digestive system: moxa cures indigestion, stomach pains, diarrheas. 8. It heals allergies, where acupressure plays an important part. 9. Cures depression and psychiatric problem. Acupressure is used in treatment of neurosis, moxa treats neurasthenia and insomnia. Thanks to the massage, the patient recovers his or her strength and desire to live fully.

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