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Henna is a treatment based on dying of eyebrows or eyelashes hairs and their adjusting. Perfectly taken care of, painted and adjusted eyebrows will make the whole face look even more beautiful. Make-up artists often emphasize that eyes are the most important element of woman’s face. Henna is used not only for aesthetic beauty treatments. By covering a hair, it ensures also its thickening, adds beautiful gloss and fills diminutions. Its huge advantage is permanency and natural look of dyed hair. Henna is a perfect solution for people with bright eyebrows and eyelashes, which are not visible without make-up. It is also a natural emphasis of eye during spring and summer, when we prefer to have fresh, natural look and do not want to apply full make-up. The contraindications for the use of henna are diseases and damages to the eye as well as skin infections and allergies. The effect of henna remains of hair for up to 3-4 weeks. It should not be performed more often, due to possibility to weaken the hairs.

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