Hydromasaż kąpiel piwna

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Zabiegi pielegnacyjne na ciało
Hydromasaż kąpiel piwna
Price 90 PLN

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Yeast that are found in beer are the source of vitamins from group B: B1, B2, B5, B12 All vitamins from B group influence skin in a positive way. Baths in beer are recommended in case of seborrheic dermatitis, dry and cracking skin as well as acne skin. Moreover, beer is rich in biotin – a substance that is important for healthy hair, skin and nails, and also in folic acid, minerals and numerous trace elements. A bath in beer stimulates blood circulation, decreases its pressure and raises life energy. This bath is an original form of relaxation during which, you can enjoy the taste of cool, dark beer served during the treatment. Hydro-massage is a special massage that stimulates lymh- and circulation systems. Moments spent in a big bath with bubbling water will be remembered for long. This hydro-massage is performed in a special massaging bath. In there, a movement is created that in connection with changes of temperature and stream of water can affect the body in various manners. Millions of tiny air bubbles are created, thanks to which, the procedure causes the impression that your body becomes lighter. Additionally, there are essential oils and micronized algae added to the bath. Their active substances deeply penetrate the skin simultaneously bolstering up the effects of the treatment. Except for healing effects, hydro-massage can be recommended also for beauty reasons, because it improves blood circulations as well as accelerates the process of fat tissue burning. It also nourishes and relaxes body. Contraindications for the treatment are: cancer, tuberculosis, pregnancy or epilepsy.

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