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Zabiegi pielegnacyjne na ciało
 Indoceane Thalgo
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Thalgo Company has developed new, even more efficient formula of preparations from Indoceane line, to make the journey through Far East even more sensual and relaxing. It is unusual, sensory trip into the land of relaxation and beauty, during which you will get to know the philosophy of China, Egypt, Eastern Mediterranean region and India. It is an offer for stressed people, who require relax and well-being improvement. Basic ingredients are Qi-Marine (extract from brown algae Undaria Pinnatifida) and lotus, which have extraordinary power to revitalize and reduce stress. Indoceane journey begins with whole body peeling. It is very oriental Mediterranean ritual taken from purifying hamman tradition, that is Iran baths. Brown sugar, sea salt and essential oils mixed together constitute a perfect cleansing peeling. Luxurious and purifying, leaves your skin velvet smooth and silky soft. Next step will take you to Egypt, the land of eternity and Cleaopatra’s tradition. Immerse your body in a gentle, relaxing, milky and sweet bath with powdery scent – stress will float away immediately and your skin will restore its incredible softness. Marine Chlorella – complex on the basis of micro-algae Nannochloropsis Oculata and red macro-algae Porphyra Umbilicalis, rich in fat acids – nourishes, moisturizes, smoothens, restores hydrolipid mantle of the skin. Bath in milk brings simultaneously relax and incredible softness to the skin. It is a luxury that you can offer to your body. Next “stage” of this revitalizing journey is a stop in India – the land of Ayurveda. In this ritual, massage will be the basis. First of all, on central energy points a special Qi-Balm is applied. Next, warm Luxurious Massage Oil rich in essential oils is added. The most pleasant moments during this continental journey, freeing your mind and body from stress, are experienced during massage inspired by Ayurveda. It restores the harmonious flow of energy in the body, ensures deep relaxation, eliminates stress and negative emotion, supports your body in restoring lost internal balance, has energetic effects and accelerates getting rid of toxins from the body. In our journey we go to China, where the theatre presents a scenery of beauty and relaxation. Our body is covered with Silky Smooth Body Wrap mask, which perfectly regenerates, nourishes, moisturizes and smoothens skin. Gentle powdery scent of the mask intensifies its soothing and relaxing effects. Your skin becomes delicate and silky. Indications: for people who are tired, stressed, with lack of vitality and dry and not enough nourished skin. Purpose: relaxation, restoration of well-being, nourishment, moisturizing, smoothening and deep regeneration of skin.

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