Leisure activities

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is the hearth and simultaneously the most beautiful part of Wellness zone.
Endearingly illuminated, with underwater massages and cascades, surrounded by glass screen, enables to relish with nature’s scenery. It emanates with sensual light in the evenings, which makes it a perfect place for rendezvous. Water’s temperature in the pool reaches 29 ̊C and 32 ̊C in Jacuzzi, which makes one want to prolong the leisure in this place. The noise of the water and optimal humidity level influences special microclimate of this place. Comfortable beach baskets and couches make one want to get carried away and give in to the beneficial influence of the water.

Sports hall and gym

Intimate sports hall and gym is a place where one can not only burn expandable calories, but also take care of physical condition.
Our instructors invite you for morning exercise, which is an active, supplementary part of packages. Modern equipment and motivating advice of experts will surely bring quick and satisfactory results...

Aggregated sauna

Sauna is a perfect place for a moment of meditation and silence. Its influence on the skin nurture as well as resistance, is invaluable.
Wellness Zone with aggregated saunas: Finnish, floral, steam, are unique place, where beneficial water and temperature effects, influence and regenerate the body.

Charming neighbourhood

Afrodyta SPA is wonderfully situated at the lakeshore
There are eleven perfectly clean lakes surrounding Ośno Lubuskie and ponds full of fish, which tempt with the possibility to go fishing. Picturesque hills, meadows and forests are perfect place for hiking and biking. Like nowhere else, one can spend here evenings with frogs’ croak and wild animals, which can be met during walking trips in our neighborhood.
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