Innovative BTL UNISON treatment, cellulite killer

2019 4 VI

We have complemented our offer in the Afrodyta SPA with the phenomenal BTL Unison treatment. 

Shape the silhouette perfectly. This is a combination of two proven and effective technologies - monopolar radio frequency and targeted sound wave energy in one single applicator. This unique technology provides lasting and visible results in a short time. 

What is BTL Unison and how does it work? 

The device combines two proven treatment technologies - monopolar radiofrequency and sound waves. The simultaneous application of energy guarantees fast and lasting results. This is the only treatment that simultaneously removes up to 5 causes of imperfect skin condition: cellulite, excess fatty tissue, loss of elasticity, damaged collagen fibers, and accumulation of metabolic products. The BTL Unison Applicator uses several technological innovations to ensure full safety and comfort during treatment. IMPEDANCE INTELLIGENCE is a technology that constantly controls the flow of energy to the skin. The SMART TOUCH function automatically stops the applicator when skin contact ceases. The BTL Unison unit is also equipped with an audio-visual control and contact system, an intuitive touch screen and an intelligent temperature monitor. All this to ensure maximum efficiency and maximum safety. 

BTL Industries Limited, a globally working creator of innovative medical devices, has been researching the simultaneous use of high-frequency monophonic and acoustic waves for several years, knowing that the simultaneous use of these two energies increases their effectiveness in shaping and fighting cellulite becomes. Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of the device, and patients are also impressed by the complete non-invasiveness and short duration of the treatment series (complete therapy can be performed in one month). The device is also certified by the US FDA, which confirms its effectiveness even more. 

The revolutionary combination of monopolar radio wave and targeted sound waves guarantees an even distribution of energy. By raising the temperature of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue to over 40 degrees Celsius, we increase the blood supply to the tissue, and the collagen fibers shrink, resulting in an improvement in the skin tone. Shock waves damage fat cell membranes, significantly accelerating the lipolysis process. The simultaneous delivery of thermal and mechanical energy leads to structural changes in the tissue, accelerates the removal of fat and toxins and makes the skin smoother and more elastic. 

Why is it revolutionary? 


  1. Enlarged fat cells 
  2. Damaged collagen fibers 
  3. Loss of skin elasticity 
  4. cellulite 
  5. Accumulation of waste products 

Heals all 5 causes of imperfect skin condition 


  1. Local fat reduction 
  2. Conversion of collagen 
  3. Improvement of skin elasticity 
  4. Reduction of cellulite 
  5. Speeding up the metabolism 

The UNISON treatment is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to:

  • get rid of cellulite ,
  • become slimmer and form the body (stomach, thighs, buttocks),
  • reduction of local adipose tissue, 
  • ensure collagen remodeling ,
  • improve the elasticity of the skin, 
  • accelerate metabolic activity, 
  • firm  skin after pregnancy. 

Contra-indications for the treatment: 

  • skin inflammation,,
  • active bacterial and viral infections ,
  • Metal implants,
  • Tumor diseases ,
  • Keloids in the treatment area ,
  • Lichens,
  • psoriasis ,
  • epilepsy ,
  • pregnancy ,
  • breastfeeding .

What does the BTL Unison treatment look like? 

The treatment begins with the application of a special cream on the skin, down to which we then put the head of the device, releasing rays of thermal and mechanical energy. Monopolar radiofrequency causes the desired temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius on the treated skin area to be achieved. However, due to the acoustic wave, the fibrosis that breaks down cellulite is destroyed. During the procedure you can feel hot, comparable to a hot stone massage with additional mechanical vibrations. The process takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on the region. 

The therapy can be used for patients of all ages and seasons. The effects are visible after the first treatment, but to achieve the desired result you may need 4 to 6 treatments per week. 

The BTL Unison treatment is painless and no recovery is required after finishing it. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can resume his daily routine. You should not drink alcohol, take anticoagulants, and moisturi7e your body 24 hours before surgery. 

Ask for treatment details and book your treatment

tel. 503 179 683 or 503 179 688


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