Pantai Luar Massage

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Zabiegi pielegnacyjne na ciało
Pantai Luar Massage
Price 180 PLN

Treatment description

Pantai Luar Massage is an Indonesian fruit and herbal massage that is performed with a help of hot bags filled with a mixture and herbs, rice, anise and fruit. Thanks to their properties, the harmony of your body is restored – it improves the blood and lymph circulation and simultaneously relaxes your muscles. What is more, after the treatment your skin is deeply moistened and oily, thanks to which it restores its firmness and healthy color. The massage is recommended especially for all who need a boost of energy. At the beginning of this massage, bags with herbs are warmed to adequate temperature, which helps to release essential oils included in fruit and herbs. With these warm bags, the whole body is massaged and information is sent to central nervous system, thanks to which all regenerating mechanisms are triggered. The cooler they become, the more intense the massage is, thanks to which active substances from herbs are absorbed better in the skin. Pantai Luar Massage has beneficial effects for people who are overworked, stressed and tired with everyday duties as well as those who need extra vitality.

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