Makijaż Permanentny - Brwi metodą cieniowania

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Makijaż Permanentny
Makijaż Permanentny - Brwi metodą cieniowania
Price 1000 PLN

Treatment description

Look beautifully regardless of moment and day! Highlighted eyebrows, marked eyelashes and wonderful shape and color of lips all day long, will make you feel prim, cheerful and you will emanate with femininity. We are working on sophisticated equipment and product of Long Time Liner brand. This make-up effects remaining individually from 3 to 5 years and its correction is included in its price (up to 6 months from first treatment). Eyebrows permanent make-up is lasting make-up, which helps to correct lips shape. Thanks to this, you can correct faults and emphasize attributes of your skin. Its effects are willingly used by overworked people, who not always have time for professional make-up. All of our treatments are performed by qualified specialists. To make permanent make-up, we are using LONG-TIME-LINER Conture Make-up equipment. During the procedure, we use special specimen, which palliate pain and simultaneously decrease the discomfort to minimum. Perfect shape of eyebrows is crucial, because it is eyebrows, which emphasizes the characteristics of a whole face. After choosing appropriate color for contour of the eyebrows, step by step a dreamed-of shape of eyebrows is created.

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