Makijaż permanentny - Kreska górna dekoracyjna pogrubiona

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Makijaż Permanentny
Makijaż permanentny - Kreska górna dekoracyjna pogrubiona
Price 600 PLN

Treatment description

During the treatment, on your upper eye line a decorative line is painted. It has more visible character, is thicker, often exceeds the external corner of an eye, can be slightly turned upwards. Your eyes are the mirror of the soul. That is why you have to take care of beautiful eye makeup! Indications: Eye shape correction Eye visual augmentation Reconstruction of eyelashes upper line after chemotherapy Allergy to colorful cosmetics Lack of time for everyday makeup Contraindications: Past illnesses of the eyeball Tendency to retinal detachment Tendency to conjunctival infections Viral warts Pregnancy, breastfeeding period Diabetes Psoriasis Antibiotics treatment Taking steroid medicines Respiratory infection

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