Re-balancing Treatment

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Zabiegi pielęgnacyjne na twarz
Re-balancing Treatment
Price 200 PLN

Treatment description

Re-balancing Treatment is a balancing treatment with its effects assured thanks to micronized algae. It is prepared only from natural ingredients, due to which it is perfect for skin with acne complexion, oily and mixed skin with tendency to skin eruptions. Rebalancing Treatment has anti-inflammatory effects, improves blood vessels circulation, eliminates toxins, cleans the skin, balances their color and stabilizes secretion of sebum. The treatment is preceded with welcoming Evail a la Mer ritual, which introduces the state of relaxation. After that, there comes the time for as much pleasant application of professional cosmetics made from plant extract enriched with 46 vitamins and minerals, which regulate the work of sebaceous glands and calms the skin. In the end of the treatment, a special fluid and nourishing cream under eyes are applied. In order to maintain the effect of healthier, cleaned skin, it is recommended to perform, depending on skin type, 6 treatments (once per week) or 12 treatments (twice per week). Due to the fact that Rebalancing Treatment is a procedure performed with the use of products that are delicate and have deep skin penetration, there are no contraindications for its application especially if the skin is problematic.

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