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Zabiegi pielęgnacyjne dłoni i stóp
Price 100 PLN

Treatment description

Reflexive feet massage is a pleasant, relaxing treatment that has additionally healing effects. Due to stimulation of reflexive areas, the blood circulation and its access to all organs of the body is better. Reflexive feet massage should be performed as preventive of all age groups. Moreover, this treatment strengthens your feet and restores their proper anatomical form. The treatment begins with feet bath. Then, with gentle moves begins the massage after which consequently the pressure is intensified in order to check the resistance to pain in particular parts of feet. The reaction to massage can show symptoms concerning health state of a given body organ. Massage of this area can have healing effects mostly through improvement of blood circulation. Reflexive feet massage can be performed irrespective of age. It is also recommended as a therapy, together with treatment prescribed by specialists.

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