Regenerant 3+1

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Zabiegi pielęgnacyjne na twarz
Regenerant 3+1
Price 180 PLN

Treatment description

Express beauty treatment designed for people who live in a hurry and expect immediate results. It consists of 3-stage skin exfoliation. First stage is a delicate gel created for dry, thin and sensitive skin. In a gentle way removes dead epidermis cells without any skin irritation. Second stage is usage of Eternity enzymatically peeling, created for mature skin. Gently brightens and prepares your skin for further procedure. Next stage is honey and almond Ella Bache lotion application. Beeswax included in this cream, smoothens and moisturizes skin. Honey – nourishes, smoothens, improves blood circulation, and almonds gently remove dead epidermis cells. At the end of this wonderful procedure, a lightening cream with extract from tomatoes by French band Ella Bache is applied. This is a lotion with special formula and fresh scent. It has strong revitalizing and oxygenating effects.

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