Zabieg SPA na stopy + Pedicure

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Zabiegi pielęgnacyjne dłoni i stóp
Zabieg SPA na stopy + Pedicure
Price 200 PLN

Treatment description

Our mobility depends on the condition and health of our feet. Unfortunately, we remind ourselves about it very often too late, when our feet become tough and begin to crack. This, in return, influences in a negative way our well-being and also aesthetics. Let us devote more time to our feet! Pedicure Spa – performed with a help of modern milling machine. The removal of skin, roughening, keratinized epidermis is performed with a help of special cutters, which eliminates the danger of damage to connective tissue. The treatment consists of a refreshing feet bath, peeling, working with cutters on nails, skin, keratinized epidermis, feet massage, and embrocating of appropriate mask into the skin and paraffin bath. It can be finished with nail painting. The treatment renews and regenerates skin, improves blood circulation, refreshes, moisturizes, brings the feeling of relief for sore feet and of course wonderfully cares for the skin. Pedicure SPA gives you the effect of smooth and soft feet for a long time.

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