Zabieg Spa na dłonie

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Zabiegi pielęgnacyjne dłoni i stóp
Zabieg Spa na dłonie
Price 100 PLN

Treatment description

SPA treatment for hands consists of few beauty stages that will substantially improve the condition of your hands, which are subjected to harmful effects of chemicals every day (cleaning, washing, and gardening). After the treatment your skin will become softer and velvety smooth. It also improves the condition of your nails and all persistent discoloring will be removed. Spa treatment for hands begins with cleansing peeling, which exfoliates dead epidermis layers. Next stage is a relaxing massage which stimulates vital points on your hand. Stimulated areas, which are adequate to internal organs, restore the balance of the whole body. Moreover, stimulation of given points on your hands, influences also blood circulation, which in return strengthens immune system, relaxes muscles and eliminates all pains. In the end, warm paraffin is applied on hands. Spa treatment for hands is recommended especially for all who work in hard conditions and are in danger of trauma to the skin. What is more, it should be applied by everyone with grey and cracking skin, e.g.: during winter time. Contraindications for this treatment are eczema, fungal and other infection of skin.

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