Masaż twarzy Thalgolift

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Masaże twarzy
Masaż twarzy Thalgolift
Price 140 PLN

Treatment description

Skin of women over 40 and due to decrease of some hormones level, can lose even up to 2% of collagen per year. This decrease causes irreversible damage to skin quality, its firmness and resistance to mimic wrinkles. However, under influence of algae hormones included in Exceptional Care line, significant collagen destruction inhibitance as well as intense nourishing and regenerating effects have been noticed. Cutting edge massage for facial muscles and exceptional mask on the basis of biological cellulose will give lifting effects. Treatment is designed for mature skin with reduced elasticity, requiring firming and regeneration. The purpose of the treatment is delaying the skin ageing process, diminishing slight mimic wrinkles, stimulation of collagen and elastin production, nourishment of skin, mimic muscles relaxation, face’s shape modeling as restoring its shiny look.

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