We celebrate Mother's Day together

Let's make this day special for our mothers

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Especially for this occasion, we present the DaySpa package offer: 

1. Indian relaxation: 

Experience an amazing journey to India, relax, free your mind and ensure a great mood under the guidance of the best specialists. Treatments included in the package are: 

  • Journey to India (Saint Malo)
  • Filipino Hilot massage 60 min..,
  •  Manicures and pedicures,
  • Hairdressing service .

Package price from 715 PLN - See Package 

2. Detox and regeneration: 

Put yourself in the hands of the best specialists and use the day to treat yourself with unique regeneration, detox and amazing energy. Treatments included in the package are: 

  • Detox treatment (Saint Malo), 
  • Honey Spine Regeneration ,
  • Reflexive Thai foot and hand massage 45 min ,
  • Hairdressing service.

Package price from 612 PLN - See Package 

3. Sicilian relaxation: 

Feel the therapeutic effects of thermal waters and volcanic ash on your skin. Ensure Sicilian relaxation, cleansing and regeneration. Treatments included in the package are: 

  •  Ritual Journey to Sicily (Saint Malo) ,
  •  Traditional Balinese massage 60 min., 
  •  SPA treatment for hands and manicures, 
  • Hairdressing service .

Package price from 720 PLN - See Package 

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The 4th Tasting Dinner "In harmony with nature - culinary inspirations of masters" is behind us. We thank our wonderful guests for such a beautiful atmosphere during the meeting.


Already on September 12 at 18:00, Afrodyta's kitchen crew and the chefs Tomasz Tomiuk and Arleta Majorek invite you to an amazing culinary event - our next tasting dinner - In harmony with nature - Culinary...

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